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HAWI Management – Page 5 – Track & Field Sports Agency

We create new lanes for
the    athlete.

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Our Philosophy

Nothing in pro sports happens without athletes.  We exist to honor this truth.  The ever-evolving media and technology landscape is creating new opportunities for the athlete who is bold enough to think independently. The work we do is wholly focused on helping our clients take ownership of their careers.

Sponsorship Diversity

An enduring career requires a variety of revenue sources.  The brands and services our athletes enjoy today may become their partners tomorrow. We research companies in apparel, nutrition, wearable technology, fitness and sports media to identify sponsorship opportunities for our clients.

Public Relations Strategy

The right media exposure at the right time can elevate an athlete to a distinct public presence. We help our clients tell their story in a way that establishes a strong personal brand and attracts opportunities. This means developing a public persona, building media contacts and planning ahead for strategic public relations opportunities.  In total, the right media exposure at the right time can elevate an athlete to a distinct public presence.

Off-Season Appearances

Paid appearances are an important revenue source during an athlete’s off-season.  A core aspect of our operation is creating appearance opportunities for our clients.

We identify and build relationships with schools, clinics, clubs, conferences and companies who pay our clients to tell their story.

Competition Scheduling

We work to minimize the wear and tear of travel so that our clients can have a successful competition season. HAWI Management has a full-time agent dedicated to booking convenient flights, planning itineraries and identifying suitable competitions for additional income opportunities.

Fan Base Cultivation

Building a passionate fan base of runners, fitness fanatics or sports fans can provide career-altering benefits. HAWI Management has over a decade of experience working with high-profile athletes with international reach.  We know how to leverage popular acclaim to create sponsorship opportunities and business partnerships.


We believe victories should never be forgotten.  Therefore, we encourage our veteran athletes to build on their accomplishments by identifying possibilities in business and aligning with like-minded partners. We want our clients to continue to win even after their competitive career is over.

Our Community