Joe Kovacs

on Sep 16

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“Focused on throwing his way onto the podium”

Joe Kovacs is the only man to win consecutive shot put medals at each of the last three global track and field championships: the 2015 World Championships (Gold), the 2016 Olympic Games (Silver) and the 2017 World Championship (Silver).

Kovacs has drawn attention for his incredible record of success.  In 2016, People Magazine noted Kovacs is “focused on throwing his way onto the podium.”  Indeed, Kovacs now has his sights set on winning medals at the 2019 World Championships and the 2020 Olympic Games.


  • Founding member of the Velaasa Track Club, a pioneering fitness company that supports the professional aspirations of American throwers by leveraging their credentials and acclaim as world-class athletes in a unique revenue-sharing model.
  • A business student at Penn State University, Kovacs is now putting his athletic career to good use by forging relationships  with many top executives and leaders in the business community.  An industrious networker, Kovacs makes the most of his opportunities to travel the world by seeking out key contacts he wishes to meet and form connections with.

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