Jarryd Wallace

on Feb 11

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“Amputation cruelly ended the promising career of the able-bodied distance racer that Wallace was while simultaneously creating the prosthesis-wearing sprinter that he has become.”

~ New York Times

Jarryd Wallace is not the typical high school track star turned professional athlete.

Jarryd’s pursuit of world-class athletics took a detour at age 18 when he was diagnosed with a serious case of Compartment Syndrome. In what should have been his first year as a Division 1 athlete, Jarryd faced the decision of amputating his own leg.

Since his surgery, Jarryd has competed in two Paralympic Games, set four World Records and become a three-time World Championship gold medalist.

Through his work speaking to communities across the country, Jarryd is exposing others to the untapped potential they have inside. “Most people can’t even begin to realize how much they are capable of,” Jarryd says. “Until they  find themselves in a situation that requires them to do unimaginable things, they may never know what they have inside. My aim is to help them realize how much more is possible, so they can lead lives of incredible fulfillment and value to others.”


  • Jarryd is the 2017 Para Athletics World Championship Gold Medalist (2oo meters)
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