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We are not just looking for winners.  We’re looking for athletes who have the courage to stand out.

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Our Process

We don’t wait for opportunities to come knocking.  We actively build your portfolio of sponsors, media contacts, strategic partners and industry connections.  This is a comprehensive process that leads to a successful, enduring career.
We call it the HAWI Management “Career Pyramid”:


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What does “HAWI” mean?  It’s more than just the nickname of our founder Merhawi Keflezighi.

It stands for “Handling Adversity With Integrity” and is the foundation of an extraordinary personal journey.

In 1987, Merhawi was eight years old and newly arrived in the United States.  His father had left home six years earlier, walking 225 miles from Eritrea to Sudan across sun-scorched lands, evading hyenas and tigers.  Five years passed before the family was reunited.

There were 11 children.   They shared clothes and learned English by waking before school at 5:30 to study.  Ultimately, all 11 went on to attend college.

One brother, Meb, was a standout athlete who earned a track scholarship to UCLA and received a shoe contract to run professionally.  Merhawi, four years younger, was finishing law school when Meb needed an agent.  While assisting in the search, Merhawi had an idea.  He sent Meb a proposal  for an unproven agent – himself.

Skeptical, Meb waited six months before selecting Merhawi and insisted he finish law school in case things didn’t work.  Only eight months later, when Merhawi landed Meb a TV commercial worth double his annual shoe contract, did Meb start to realize his brother had a gift.

Many friends told Merhawi he was “too nice” to be an agent.  Instead, his thoughtful nature proved to be an asset in creating innovative opportunities that required collaboration and deep partnerships.

Over the years, Meb built a historic legacy, becoming the only winner of an Olympic Medal, the NYC Marathon and the Boston Marathon.  Behind the scenes, Merhawi gave direction to Meb’s career, lining up endorsements rarely seen in track & field and orchestrating deals that brought millions of new investment dollars into the sport.

With a reputation for thinking outside the box, new clients came knocking and others began noticing Merhawi’s special record.  Runner’s World Magazine named Merhawi “One of the 50 Most Influential People in Running” and calls him “an ingenious and industrious business wizard.”   Sports Illustrated describes Merhawi as “a brave agent.”

The journey was not conventional.  But underneath is a commitment to one simple principle: integrity.

Our Team

HAWI Management is led by a team of three USATF Authorized Athlete Representatives:

Merhawi Keflezighi, President

Education: UCLA (BA, Communication and Media Studies, UCLA School of Law (JD)

     Merhawi spent the first ten years of his career as the agent for his older brother Meb, one of the most decorated marathon runners in history.  Working outside the spotlight, Merhawi helped Meb develop into one of the most celebrated and financially successful runners in history.
     This experience left Merhawi deeply impressed with the possibilities that exist for world-class runners.  Asked what it means to win a major  marathon, Merhawi told Competitor Magazine “Winning a race like Boston or New York, as an American, opens the doors to communications with almost any company in the world.”
     Merhawi built HAWI Management on the premise that close, exceptionally focused relationships with a core group of clients is the best model for maximizing the career potential of gifted track athletes.
     Known for his professionalism and honesty, Merhawi has been invited to instruct post-collegiate runners on how to select an agent at the RunPro Conference hosted by the Road Runner’s Club of America.


John Hricay, Director of Operations

Education: University of Maryland (BS, Finance), University of Notre Dame (Masters of Business Administration), Columbia University (Masters in Sports Management)

     John entered the sports business after a decade in banking and finance at JP Morgan.  He is responsible for all athlete travel, competition planning and financial matters at HAWI Management.  He works with many of the leading professional road race and track meet directors across the world.
     John’s former position as the Track & Field co-chair of the New York Athletic Club, one of the nation’s oldest and most prestigious athletic clubs, gave him the privilege of recruiting and signing many world-class track & field athletes.


Liam Fayle, Director of Business Development

Education: State University of New York, College at Brockport (BS, Communication Studies)

     Liam joined HAWI Management after a career in commercial equipment leasing, where he oversaw multi-million dollar business relationships.
     Charged with identifying and developing new business opportunities for HAWI Management clients, Liam monitors companies in the apparel, fitness, wearable technology and sports nutrition industries, forming relationships with them and structuring partnerships.
     As a high school freshman, Liam watched Merhawi’s brother Meb win the Silver Medal at the 2004 Olympic Games and considers it a formative moment of his youth.


Merhawi Keflezighi

President, HAWI Management
EMAIL: Hawi@HawiManagement.com